The Perfect Partnership

We can confirm that The ReKalibrator is affiliated to Stop Ecocide international, which is great news as they have so much in common and complement each other.

We would like to point out some of the points of common interest for those who have either read Dare to be Great or experienced The Rekalibrator

Whilst the book is educational The Rekalibrator is a physical experience. Let’s look at some of the similarities; on page 89, the chapter entitled Self Care. The whole concept of

The ReKalibrator is Self-Care and having that 10 /15 minutes to oneself to make those adustments to create a better and healthier self, in a better and healthier world.

The Next chapter is Earth care which is the first spiral you come across while walking The ReKalibrator.

The path ahead of us all will be so much easier if we work together so… if you have walked The Rekalibrator and would like to do something to care for the earth, one of the best things you could do would be sign up to be an Earth Protector now.

If you have read Dare to be Great, please come try The Rekalibrator then you will understand the meaning of this page or if you’ve walked The Rekalibrator, get a copy of the book here.