What is The Rekalibrator

The Rekalibrator is an experiential installation piece designed to engage participants in reflecting on permaculture, their place in the world, and their interactions with the environment. It functions as a labyrinth inspired by the three core ethics of permaculture: care for the earth, care for people, and fair share.

The Rekalibrator aims to:

  • Serve as an educational tool, helping individuals understand the principles of permaculture and how these principles affect their lives and the environment.
  • Offer an immersive experience that encourages participants to reconsider their environmental impact and explore sustainable living practices.
  • Act as a bridge for outreach, making permaculture principles accessible and engaging to newcomers as well as reinforcing these concepts among those already familiar with permaculture.
  • Foster community involvement and collaboration, inviting contributions and participation in spreading the message of sustainability and environmental stewardship.

I really enjoyed the Rekalibrator it made me take time out to think about What i do now for the earth and what else i can do moving forward. People care made me realise how many people i care for and how many care for me.Fair share made me think of more ways I could help others,But also not to over do it.After completing i feel relaxed & re-energised. The children enjoyed the rekalibrator too I followed them & prompted them to talk about the right things in the right places.

Janine keeler

Knife Angel , Middlesbrough Town Square