Another Milestone for The Rekalibrator

On 5th June 2022 the Rekalibrator was part of a Jubilee Event at West Park Darlington. In keeping with a lot of previous events it tends to attract the people it’s supposed to attract.

On this occasion the local Member of Parliament visited; I asked if he would try it.

Much to my surprise he agreed and I can only applaud him for that. If you aren’t aware The Rekalibrator is for anyone to use but nobody is forced to do it either.

So this was another first for the Rekalibrator having a United Kingdom MP walk it to go along with all the members of other professions who have engaged with it.

Reflecting on what this means a realisation came to me not only is Peter the only United Kingdom MP to walk it but he is the only United Kingdom MP who can comment upon it at the present time.

This can only help bring the Rekalibrator to a larger audience something we feel society is in much need of in these times.

What or who will be the next milestone for The Rekalibrator?


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