The Earthshot Connection

We entered because it was an opportunity to take The Rekalibrator to a much needed, larger audience.

Humanity is facing a series of major problems, a crisis. The two Chinese characters for ‘crisis’ translate as ‘Dangerous’ & ‘Opportunity’. We have the chance to use the opportunity element with the Rekalibrator; what an opportunity it has turned out to be. When it was first announced in january it caught our attention.Nothing really happened after the launch .whan we entered it we got this reponse “WE’er excited to be coming together with other like-minded indivduals and organisations who share our commitment to inspireing action to help repair our planet.We’er still at the begininning of our journey,but we will have announcements on the details throughout 2020.As our plans develop,we will be intouch to provide more information and potential opportunities for collaboration if it seems a good match for your organisation” Seen the earthshot prize was devided into 5 catorgies and how the rekalibrator works We then decided to Write to them telling them we have no desire to go into competition with the other contestants but would be more suited to work in collaberation with them to help the earthshot prize achieve its goals . (see attached letter


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